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Four pillars creating regulatory blind spot - AB+F
The competition inquiry and the financial system inquiry (FSI) will have their work cut out trying to get the right balance between competition law a... More >

Welcome to the Centre for International Finance and Regulation

The Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) is a centre for research and public policy development in the financial sector. It brings together leading Australian universities, research centres and financial organisations to assist the financial sector, government and regulators to meet emerging challenges and opportunities locally, regionally and internationally.  Sponsored by the Commonwealth and NSW Governments, comprising a consortium of universities and associates, CIFR focuses on financial market developments and financial system regulation. more>>

Research Spotlight: Are Funds True to Label?

Matching Qualitative and Quantitative Information

When investors sign up with a portfolio manager, they have an informed expectation regarding how the manager operates and the nature of the service they might receive. However, are these expectations universally met? This study,examines whether Australian equity fund managers adhere to their stated portfolio constraints in terms of stock holdings, portfolio concentration, and degree of trading.Read more>>

CIFR SEMINAR: Long-Term Investing: An Institutional Investor Perspective Highlights

Melbourne, 29 October 2014

CIFR was proud to release a three-part report on Long-Term Investing: An Institutional Perspective at an event hosted by King & Wood Mallesons in Melbourne. Undertaken by CIFR’s Research Director, Dr Geoff Warren, in collaboration with the Future Fund, the research offers insights into how institutional investors might successfully adopt a long-term approach. Read More >>

CIFR Workshop: Regulatory Analytics and Data Architecture

Sydney, 01 October 2014

The NSW Department of Trade & Investment (NSW DTI) hosted a Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) Workshop on Regulatory Analytics and Data Architecture. Given the growing awareness of the significance of this topic within the financial industry, the Workshop was well attended by senior representatives of the Commonwealth and NSW Governments, financial market regulators, research centres, academics and ... Read More>>

CIFR Documentary - Crashing Ashore:
Scandal and the Future of Financial Regulation

Ongoing investigations into market conduct scandals such as the manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate and global FX markets, however, highlight the political risks associated with the development of capital markets. In advance of the Rio conference, CIFR Researcher, Professor Justin O'Brien reports from Brazil on the future of financial regulation.
View Video >>

CIFR Round 2 Submission to the Financial System Inquiry

Following CIFR’s Financial System Inquiry (FSI) Workshop II at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel on 21 August 2014, CIFR provided the FSI with a pack containing copies of speakers’ presentations and other materials discussed during the Workshop, as well as a formal submission to the FSI.  These documents are provided below.  Read More >>

Highlights CIFR WORKSHOP II: Financial System Inquiry - The Interim Report

Sydney, 21 August 2014

Following our first workshop, which focused on the terms of reference for, and  the submissions to the Financial System Inquiry (FSI), CIFR's FSI Workshop II focused on the FSI's Interim Report. Following the opening address by the Chair of the FSI, David Murray AO, the Workshop featured responses by leading academic and industry experts, addressing the 9 major topics covered in the report. Read More>>



The Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) represents a strategic link between academia, financial regulators, policy makers and industry, promoting financial sector vibrancy, resiliency and integrity, through leading research and education.

CIFR receives funding and support from the Commonwealth and NSW Governments, and its industry, university and research centre partners.



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